NT SUMMER 2013 Winding Down, RED CLAY Reving Back Up

by xcrawford

I haven’t posted on Red Clay Theology since late spring because I was busy facilitating a “Read through the Entire New Testament- Summer 2013” on Facebook this Summer, we are winding down, just 10 more days and we will be finished with reading the the ESV translation of the NT.  I also lead a chapel service type devotional at an assisted living home once a week.

Once the Summer Project Wrap Up, I think I may try to do a series on “The Other Homily” – Liturgical Services *usually,* although not always, focus on the Gospel Reading from the Revised Common Lectionary, or whatever Lectionary or Missal they are using, as the subject of their Sermon. So, I wanted to spend a couple of months focusing on what the Sermon about the Old Testament reading would be like. I tried something similar during Lent when I used each Lesson from that weeks Revised Common Lectionary as a Daily Bible Study (for example, the Psalm on Monday, the Epistle Lesson on Wednesday, etc.).  Just one Idea I had to revive the WordPress page since the Read the New Testament Summer 2013 is coming to an end… it was a great experience, and perhaps I will share about it in the future.

For Now: you can Still Join Us for Our Last 10 Days of Study focusing on Matthew. We had around 30 people participate over the Summer. https://www.facebook.com/NewTestamentSummer2013